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Portable, simple to use Semen Analysis

When preparing semen for shipment, it is important to know the sperm concentration in order to ensure the proper volume for shipment. Ship too few sperm, and the probability of conception drops dramatically. Accurate sperm concentration analysis is critical to the success of any operation that processes cooled or frozen semen.  

Standard methods for counting require a hemacytometer, a microscope, and plenty of time and patience. Proper use of a hemacytometer requires 20-30 minutes -- a long time to keep your semen un-extended, even in an incubator. Equipment for automated sperm counting exists, but can cost anywhere from $2000-$4000 or more, and requires sample dilution which potentially decreases accuracy.

Introducing the Next Generation (tm) Quick Check (tm) Jr

At $995, The Quick Check is an economical choice for semen analysis.  Completely battery operated, the Quick Check Jr provides analytical capabilities for the breeder on the go.

Quick and Easy

Measuring the concentration of semen samples is quick and easy with the Quick Check. Simply fill a 4ml cuvette with straight semen, insert the cuvette into the Quick Check Jr, and read the concentration right off the display. The Quick Check even calculates the semen volume required to ship a semen dose.

Simple Operation

The Quick Check uses a four-beam, ratiometric nephelometric turbidity analysis technique to deliver accurate readings for the life of the unit. With other density-based systems, factors such as beam intensity and temperature variation can impact the accuracy of a reading. With the Quick Check, these effects are all fully compensated for.

Many semen analysis systems require sample dilution. With a diluted sample, your reading is only as accurate as your dilution accuracy. The Quick Check can accurately read the concentration of un-diluted semen no mixing errors possible.  Competing units which require dilution also need expensive dispensers, pipettors, and hazardous chemicals which alone can add $400-500 to the cost of your analysis lab.  With Exodus Breeder's exclusive sterilized cuvettes, you can even ship the semen used for concentration analysis!

The table based calibration in the Quick Check allows the highest absolute accuracy over a very wide range of concentrations.  As opposed to competing units, the Quick Check can read accurate concentrations even for challenging stallions with extremely low or extremely high concentrations.

The Quick Check Jr comes with:


Quick Check Jr. 4 beam ratiometric nephelometric turbidity semen counter,


9V battery,


6 - 4ml Cuvettes,


User instructions


Why settle for less, or pay thousands more?

The Quick Check Jr is distributed by Exodus Breeders, a source for all of your breeding supplies.  Order your unit now using Exodus's convenient on-line storefront!

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