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Each Quick Check is shipped with a custom calibration for Equine Semen.  Under normal use the Quick Check calibration will remain accurate for the life of the unit.  A calibration cuvette is supplied with each unit so that you can ensure that the unit is measuring within the normal range prior to each collection.

However, as with any sensitive electronic device, the calibration can be effected by accumulated dirt, dust, or other wear.  If your cuvette standard is reading outside the normal 5% tolerance, it may be time to get your unit recalibrated.  For maximum traceability to a laboratory hemocytometer calibrated reference, an annual calibration prior to each breeding season is advisable.

Note that units which have been exposed to fluids or other damage outside of normal wear and tear will require additional repair which is not covered by the standard recalibration service.

Units sent in for recalibration will be:

bulletInspected for any accumulated dirt, and the optical sensors blown out to remove any dust accumulation.
bulletUpdated to the latest firmware version (if necessary).
bulletCalibrated against our latest laboratory reference.
bulletReturned with a new cuvette standard so that you know that your unit is reading within normal limits.
bulletShipped back to you within 5 working days (2 business day rush turnaround available for an additional charge).

The cost for the recalibration service is $50 plus shipping charges ($75 for 2 day rush service).

To arrange for recalibration, contact Exodus Breeders to arrange for payment for recalibration and return shipping.  To speed processing, all units should shipped directly to the manufacturer at:

Primo Ponies
4808 E. China Hill Rd.
El Dorado, CA 95623

Please include the unit in its original protective case to protect against damage during shipping.

Please also include a copy of the recalibration payment receipt from Exodus Breeders, which will show the return shipping priority purchased with the recalibration service.

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