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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Quick Checktm require dilution?

A: No.  The Quick Check uses a special technique which allows it to be accurate over the entire range of readings.  Other analyzers which use a linear calibration must use dilution to keep the readings within the linear region.  Even then the response is not exactly linear, so all units which require dilution will have errors noticeable for both high and low concentrations.

Q: My unit reads the concentration correctly, but returns 0 (or some other obviously wrong value) for the extension calculations.

A: Your extension protocol may have been inadvertently changed:

.  These are user modifiable by hitting the # key after a semen reading.  You will then be able to choose either Shipping extension values or Freezing extension values.

These numbers can be changed to match different extension protocol preferences of a particular breeder.  If you donít have specific extension values you feel work well with your stallion, we recommend you use close to the default values. 

Shipping Ė

Motility: 70% (if you do motility analysis, set this to the motility observed).

Ext. Ratio: (5):1 This sets the minimum ratio of extender to semen.  Setting this too low can cause motility loss in shipping.

Extend Conc (30) M/ml: this sets the maximum extended concentration.  Too high can cause motility loss in shipping.

Ship Dose (750): this is the desired total sperm in Millions in the shipped dose.  Recommended values are between 750-1000.

Ship Vol(1): this is the minimum ship volume, and is set to a low value as a default.  The equations will calculate the necessary volume for you.  You only need to set this if you are attempting to ship a precise volume.

Q: Does your software work on Windows Vista?

A: Yes.

Q: Does your software work on Windows 7?

A Yes... However, the printing function in not compatible.  There is a work around:

On Windows 7 there is a default printer called "Microsoft XPS Document Writer".  Try selecting that "printer" which will create an xps file in your documents directory with the print image.  You can then open the file with Microsoft XPS viewer and print to your printer from that application.

Q: When I install the software on my PC, it makes me reboot, but after the reboot, software files are still out of date, and I have to continuously reboot!

A: This is a problem with Microsoft Windows.  Here is a link which may help http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;191096.

Q: My computer does not have a serial (RS-232, DB9) connector?  Can I still use the computer with the Quick Check?

A: Yes.  You just need a USB-Serial adapter.  Make sure you install the proper driver for your OS (Windows-XP or Vista).  You can find an adapter here.

Q: I've lost my calibration standard.  Can I get a new one?

A: Yes, however each standard is matched to the the specific unit.  For best accuracy it is necessary to send in the unit to have a cuvette standard matched to your system.

Q: Is it necessary to recalibrate the unit regularly?

A: While not required, we recommend that any electronic measuring device should be recalibrated on a regular basis.  We offer a low cost recalibration service so that you can start each breeding season knowing that your unit's calibration is traceable to a laboratory hemocytometer reference.

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