Primo Ponies Photography "Digital Freedom™" Price List

All prices include optimal cropping, color and contrast adjustment.

Note: Due to the expenses associated with travel and accommodations, prices for the 2010 World Equestrian Games are different than the prices below.  Please use the Web Shopping cart for WEG photos to determine the cost of photos.

On-Site Services Cost
9 Wallet Photos (1 Sheet - same photo only) $25
4 - 3˝"x5" Photos (1 Sheet) $25
Single 4"x6" Photo $10
3 - 4"x6" Photos (1 Sheet) $25
2 - 5"x7" Photos (1 Sheet) $25
8"x10" Photo $25
CD-ROM of all Printed Photos added to order $25
T-Shirt with Photo (Check for availability) $30

Off-Site Services

All Photo Sizes above, Plus:  
CD-ROM $2/photo min 35 photos
Emailed Photo $15
11"x17" $50
16"x20" $80
17"x23" $100
24"x36" $150
36"x48" $200
Digital Editing (removing people, distracting objects, etc.) Contact us

Note: Our website prices are slightly different than our on-site prices.  In most cases we try to match our web prices with our on-site prices -- however, due to software limitations there will be some small differences between on-site and web prices.