To upgrade your Sperm-O-Matic firmware, connect your unit to your PC, turn on the unit, and run the upgrade software.

Some of the firmware upgrades include updated calibration tables which will overwrite the factory calibration and/or active calibration table in your unit.  If you have a custom table which you would like to save, store the calibration table in memory slots 1, 2, 3, or 4 prior to upgrading your firmware.  After the firmware upgrade is successful, you can restore your custom calibration by loading the table from the memory slot which was used to save your table.  For more details, please consult your user guide.

Sperm-O-Matic Version 2.3

Changes over 2.2:

bulletRS-232 output modified for use with the Sperm-O-Matic PC software.
bulletCalibration Table accuracy improved over a wider range of readings.  6th order polynomial curve fit matches to better than 5% from 50-800 M/ml.  Contact PPS Equine Engineering for secondary standards to verify calibration accuracy.

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