The Haflinger breed as it is known today originated in Austria more than 120 years ago. Haflingers are bred for traits such as: hardiness, quiet temperament, spirit and elegance. Their sizes range from 13 hh to 14.3, although the modern Haflinger tends to be 13.2 hh or taller. With strong bodies and excellent bone, Haflingers are well suited to many disciplines. This "leisure time horse", as it is known in Austria, is the ultimate family horse. Their strength, size and endurance, with an easygoing disposition allow virtually anyone to ride and drive Haflingers.

Wendy Martin

Taylormade Haflginers

Sharon Waite&Holly

Nevada County fair

Laura &Belle

Adriana & Arthur

Nevada County Fair

Mike Dowd teaching Mackenzie to drive
Horse expo  Mackenzie & Kimberly on Chelsea Horse Expo

Tina & Jazzy

Horse expo Horse Expo

Carla & Napa

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Photo of Primo Ponies stall at the Expo. Westworld M&B performing under saddle at the Western States Horse Expo.

Western States Horse Expo: 2003

We have included footage of the Western Haflinger Association presentation at the Western States horse expo in "Haflingers of California" a 15 minute video which includes video and photographs of Haflingers from the California region.  You can view the video on line: High Bandwidth (100kbps), Low Bandwidth (50kbps).

You may also order your own VHS copy of this video for $15. 

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